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apparently i’m a slave 4 u is not an appropriate song to put on a powerpoint about the 13th amendment

Anonymous asked omg hi ive literally wanted my nipples pierced forever and i was wondering like how sore was it? and do you know what the aftercare is? like can you wear a bra or whatever hahah

hiya yeah the pain really was not bad at ALL (im sure its different for everyone) but its just kinda like a slow pain for a few seconds while they push the needle through then its done

its been like 4 hours since i got it done and im not feeling any pain whatsoever (even after i touch it, i hope thats a good thing!!) and theres no blood and looks fine. 

youre supposed to clean it twice a day with antiseptic spray for a few days and then make sure you use sea salt water on it once a day as well. it takes a few months to properly heal but im sure your piercer will go over all of it!

also its much more comfortable if you wear a bra bc your clothes wont rub against it xxxxx

i just got my nipple pierced its so PRETTY omg

oh my god.

if anyone is on the pill and knows how to help!!

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These Days by Joy Division / Love Will Tear Us Apart 12” / Factory / 1980 / UK