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Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey

Through the fire and through the flames, you won’t even say your name,
Only I am that I am.
But who could ever live that way?

even tho im beautiful i still get self conches sometimes :/

i start school on wednesday day which is really cool but it also sucks b/c i’ll only be working weekends and i LOVED working full time, i had a blast with all my co workers and stuff

on another note i am so happy that my boyfriend is finally moving to london b/c i’ve been doing long distance for almost 18 months and it took me 9 hours to travel to see him and it was so expensive but WE DID IT and hes going to live so close and im so happy


Boy: you look so pretty you are so hot

Me: ??? Where’s the news

i was stopped by asos today and was asked to shoot a video with them bc they liked my style hahahahah

Anonymous asked post your nip ring! Also did it hurt? I want to get one!

no thanks ahah its also not a ring, its a bar

also i recommend getting one bc it didnt hurt that much, dont let the pain stop you