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Anonymous asked it does! thanks a lot. the thing is, I'm recovering from similar stuff and I thought I was unable to have a job - but maybe it can be done as long as I don't work alone and in a super stressful enviroment. I'm proud of you btw, you didn't let your condition ruin your life and you're so strong, I wish you all the best. take care :)

hey thanks! it really means a lot bc it took a really long time to get used to it. i went to therapy for a really long time and it helped so much because i was able to identify what makes me anxious / unwell and once you know what to avoid things become a lot easier!! anxiety and very bad mental health runs in my family so i was able to ask my parents about it and i was told to also try meditation. i’ve been doing it every day and it’s been helping a lot with my breathing!!

wishing you all the best as well, i hope you’re doing okay xxxx

Anonymous asked sorry for being overcurious, it's just that it has been bugging me and I need to ask: how do you manage to work despite having panic attacks once in a while?

no its okay!! i dont mind talking about it. i get panic attacks when i feel stuck somewhere (in the tube, having dinner, in a classroom etc) but working retail is okay for me because im contantly walking around and if i leave for a few minutes its not a big deal. i hope that makes sense!

im so tired ive been working full time and my dad’s been away for weeks now and im too lazy to do anything