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Anonymous asked CN you post pictures of your room? I feel like it looks rly pretty

sure thing just give me a few minutes to put a post together :—)

Anonymous asked Nvm yes you know that

its ok i still ly :———-)

Anonymous asked your url mean 'the real' in dutch yknowthat

yes i knew that and it also means that in german did u know that HUH anon

l0velines asked Do you still have that lovely music blog? Or did I imagine it? Haha

yes it’s but it’s been inactive for ages now xxxx

w4lrusss asked does the magnetic attraction of the south pole have any influence on ur boob?

omg stijn 

w4lrusss asked aren't you out of balance now with only one nipple pierced?

yes and its CUTE as HELL

w4lrusss asked what will happen if u go to the airport and there's a metal detector?

i havent thought about that????? will they accuse me of snuggling a bomb inside my nipple????????? i didnt think this through

Anonymous asked Why didn't you get both nipples pierced?:0 also, does it hurt a lot?

tbh i dont know hahah. i hadnt even thought about which one i wanted done until i got there, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. maybe i’ll get the other one pierced in the future if this one heals well. but for now im really happy with just one!!

and nope it didnt really hurt, but it helps that i decided last minute bc i didnt read online about how “painful it was going to be” so i just didn’t expect anything horrible. its like a slow pain, like a needle going through some skin, exactly how you think it’d be hahaha. but afterwards there was little/no soreness which is fab. but im sure its different for everyone!

oaek asked do you have any fun things going on this week you're looking forward to :)

im working all week but then my boyfriend will be visiting me next week! which is always the best he lives so far :-(

lolothegoat asked is your hair naturally curly wavy or straight ?

straight but i curl it most days